Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Here Comes the Sun…It’s All Right!

In the fashion business it’s axiomatic: have the seasonal goods marked down and gone before the first shift or weather, or plan on holding them until the next year. That day, buying habits change.

It’s true in Northwest real estate as well. In late fall, with shortening days and grey, miserable skies – around mid-November – buyers begin a hibernation. Open houses by and large present a great time for realtors to do paperwork, and by mid-December many sellers have rested their listings in favor of spring and are hibernating as well.

Then…Sun! All it takes are a couple days strung together, and it’s not even necessary to be warm sun. This Sunday I hosted an open house. Scheduled from 1-3, I left just before 5:00. I stopped counting people at thirty-two – ten is a good day in winter. It was like the first day of a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The phone is ringing, buyers are back actively looking and sellers are preparing their homes to list. Love the sun, love the spring!

Welcome back, Buyers; welcome back, Sellers; great to see you again!!

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