Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Buyous Interruptus

5. So who was it?

Shannon. Love my girls! I’d sent her a check for some software she’d sent me – she works for Microsoft – and…her dog ate it. Yeti is the innocent looking dog you see to the left.

Not only that, she’d loaned a friend some money. The friend wrote a check to pay her back…Yeti ate that, too. Her friend wrote a second check.

Yep. That one, too.

Yeti is the same dog who learned to roll down my car’s back window, the better to lean out the window and bark at trucks. He’s also the only dog I know that, no matter who’s singing it and no matter what key, howls at “Me and Bobby McGee.”

I could write a book on Yeti…

6. How about writing instead about the Home Buying Process?

As soon as I stop laughing...

UPDATE: Shan emailed to remind me: The checks were in her wallet which was in her purse. He skipped over all the receipts, went straight for the checks. Reminds me of a post I need to write on predatory lenders...

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